Ekagrid is a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary research university in India, scheduled to be launched in 2023. The mission of the university is to solve problems that matter to society and industry, create new knowledge, spur innovation and entrepreneurship, up-skill and re-skill professionals and prepare students for their careers and lives.

Ekagrid is a word coined by fusing the Sanskrit word Eka (meaning “one”) and the English word grid. It represents a unified (one) network (grid) of minds.

Lumos was commissioned to design a brand identity that would spark curiosity and appeal to the intellectually curious, mainly students and life-long learners. The logo is a visual rendition of the sun that represents energy and the illumination of the mind. The graphic language of the brand uses strings of binary code to create visually compelling imagery that contains a message when decoded. The primary graphic of the sun is an example—binary strings are composed radially to incorporate the tagline 'Seek Solve Create'.
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