fully fed up
a lockdown recipe book

Fully Fed Up is a recipe book compiled by Abraham Jacob during the lockdown. The idea behind each of these recipes is simplicity in terms of ingredients and homestyle recipes.

Cooking as an art form is exceptionally forgiving; both to the risk-takers and to those who prefer to stay well within defined boundaries. The philosophy of the book is not to give the cook the pieces of a puzzle and a complete picture of what it should be, but rather sheet music that they can follow, allowing the more confident to adapt and improvise. Central to all of this, is a call to be more conscious of our choices; sourcing local ingredients to ensure a more sustainable way of life and trying to minimise the waste that we produce.  

During the lockdown, with the many hours spent in the confines of our homes, a lot of us returned to playing indoor games that we had long forgotten, given our overwhelming preoccupation with the digital world. The design concept behind the book alludes to this, by breaking the mould and showcasing ingredients in entirely innovative ways, suggestive of board games and other indoor games that are representative of the physical world. It is a celebration of a way of life and values that we had forgotten and were forced to return to. A slower pace, being more mindful and empathetic. This book is a tribute to rediscovering those values.
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