WD Partners
Indian design for an international branding agency

Lumos was commissioned to do a design research project for the launch of a chain of healthy, Indian fast food restaurants in the US. Besides giving a detailed design report to their branding agency, WD Partners in Ohio, Lumos worked collaboratively with the agency for the final identity creation.

The research document provided WD Partners with markers for creating a uniquely Indian design idiom that highlighted the following; an overview of Indian brands that are considered traditional, modern and edgy; design trends and markers used by Indian restaurants to indicate affiliations to a particular region or cuisine; possible design directions using specific Indian design motifs, styles and colours; the history of popular food culture in India. 

A visual and culinary research exploration was done. This mapped the menus and design styles preferred by regional restaurants in the North, South, East and West areas of the country. 
Cover of 'A taste of Indian design'The design vocabulary of 'Jamavar' at the Leela PalaceMast Kalandar logo & interiorscha bar in Bangaloreinfinitea in Bangalore