curating unique customs & cultures
through cultural vignettes

Creating brand experiences through blogs and articles gives readers an insight into unique cultures and customs. This is an extension of the philosophy towards humanising brands in the age of disruptive technological change. 

For Evolve Back Resorts, a series of blog posts on Kodava culture and customs familiarise guests with the unique local culture. This prompts them to explore different facets of the culture in the region.

The Indian Quarterly magazine has published a photo essay on death rituals in Bhutan, bringing into focus a custom that is unique to Himalayan Buddhism. 

India Currents, a community media platform devoted to the exploration of the heritage and culture of India for the diaspora, has published an article on Barbara Kipper's gift of Asian jewelry and ritualistic objects to MAP (the new Museum of Art and Photography, located in Bangalore).
Lama's Lenses Case

An Extraordinary Homecoming

Tsa tsas in Bhutan

Clay and Bone

Kokkethathi pendant

Kodava jewellery:
design decontstructed

The kall botti in a courtyard of a Kodava Ainmane

Kodava Ainmanes: the heart of the Kodava clan

The verandah in a Kodava Ainmane

The architecture of Ainmanes:
form follows function

The rope display at the Sidapur Museum of Coffee & Culture

Designing the Sidapur Museum of Coffee & Culture

Kodava peeche kathi

Kodava bridegrooms;
of kupsas, knives and knotted sashes

Maddh Thopp

The purple elixir:
Maddh Thopp