the sidapur museum
of coffee & culture

Arguably the most well-known resort in Coorg, Orange County had decided to rebrand and key to their new story as Evolve Back Resorts was a return to the spirit of the land. Lumos designed a museum at the Coorg resort dedicated to life in a coffee plantation. This involved conceptualisation and curation of the different sections: the history and cultivation of coffee, the biodiversity in Coorg, and the culture of the dominant Kodava community.

A key element of the immersive experience was the interior design. Inspired by the traditional Kodava Ainmane (clan home), the space was crafted with a rustic material board including red oxide floors, lime washed walls, wood, rope and jute. Artefacts sourced from local homes sat on traditional shelves — planks of wood hoisted with rope and metal hooks.

The museum was a result of ten months of research, writing, designing and building. It gives guests an insight into a way of life that has remained unchanged for generations; an exploration into various methods of brewing the perfect cup of coffee and an insight into the unique culture of the Kodavas.
Interiors of the Sidapur Museum of Coffee & CultureThe rope display at the Sidapur Museum of Coffee & CultureThe Kodava wall at the Sidapur Museum of Coffee & CultureOld artefacts on display at the Sidapur Museum of Coffee & Culture