the timbaktu collective

The Timbaktu Collective in Rayalseema, Andhra Pradesh has been doing pioneering work in helping marginalised communities revive agrarian lifestyles.

Lumos was commissioned to do a corporate identity rebranding and packaging project for their range of 85 products. The objective of the rebranding exercise was to create a contemporary brand for the collective and its sub-brands, reflecting their rural roots, sustainable organic practices and handmade production processes.

The products were categorized into three distinct ranges; Naturals, Organic and Artisanal ranges with packaging that reflected the specific characteristics of each range. The Naturals range with bright, earthy colours and easily recognisable icons was targeted at a multilingual audience. For the Organic range comprising mainly millet-based products, detailed line drawings of the plants celebrated nature. The Artisanal category echoed its premium nature with a minimalistic palette of gold, black and white, in addition to an elegant font and illustration style.

True to its sustainable ethos, a range of innovative packaging solutions were explored and used – from moulded areca palm and woven river grass containers, to oxy-degradable brown paper packaging along with a shift to glass jars and bottles. 
Kalpavalli eco forest at the Timbaktu CollectiveNaturals products from Timbaktu CollectiveNaturals products from Timbaktu CollectiveOrganic products from Timbaktu CollectiveArtisanal products from Timbaktu CollectiveTimbaktu Shop collateral design